Map of Chile
Map of Chile
The Story Begins South America and Europe 1871 October 1885 to October 1886
The Construction of Atossa Absent Crew and Flying Jib 1872-1873 Twenty-One Months Away
The Shipbuilding Thompson Family Swansea to Valparaiso and return 1873 Rio De Janeiro, Barbados & Wilmington
The Mercantile Navy List 1864 The 1874 and 1875 Voyages James Grevett
The First Master and Crew A Change of Master 1876 The Caribbean 1889
Dover to Valparaiso 1863-1864 New Owner and New Ports 1877 Grevett as Master
Peru and Wales Sugar and Onboard Offences The Final Voyage
Chile and back 1864-1865 Demerara and London 1878-1879 Places Index
Clements becomes Master The Far Side of the World 1879-1881 Place Connections
Official Log Entries 1866-1867 South Africa and India 1881-1882 Surnames Index
Return to Chile 1867 The Robinson Family Ships Index
Chile Again 1868-1869 Ceylon and New York 1882-1883 Map of Chile
Swansea to Coquimbo return 1869-1870 Brazil and India 1883-1884 Sources
Chile and New York 1870-1871 Cape Verde and the West Indies 1885 © 2020